A Few Tips on How to Train Your New Puppy

A Few Tips on How to Train Your New Puppy

Getting a new dog is always an exciting event. Especially, when it is a puppy. Who doesn’t want to have a little friend to run around their house? Though, puppies are definitely cute, sometimes they can cause some troubles. That’s why you need to train them from very first days. A well behaved dog will always be a good companion in many adventures.

Good Schedule puppy grooming Calgary

This is the first step any dog owner should make. It is important that your puppy wakes up, eats, and sleeps at the same time. Try to feed and take your dog outside following this schedule. Though, while housebreaking, you will have to take the puppy outside much more times than twice a day. But it is worth it later. puppy grooming Calgary

Set Up the Rules

Let your dog know what is allowed and what is not from very first day. Also, you should  be consistent with it. The dog will get confused if one day you will let it sit on the couch, and the  next day you change your mind about it.

Many dogs like to jump on people, when someone comes in the house. Teach your dog to sit when it’s happening. Though, it might take some time, but everyone will benefit from it. puppy grooming Calgary

Rewards puppy grooming Calgary

Try to always reward behavior you like. And never reward anything you dislike. The rule is simple. We also should mention here using immediate consequences. puppy grooming Calgary

puppy grooming CalgaryChewing on Things

As we all know puppies love to shew on, pretty much, everything. So leave a lot of toys out for them. That’s how they won’t have an urge to chew on your other items, for example, furniture. puppy grooming Calgary

Interacting with Other Dogs

The easiest time for your puppy to accept animals, people, and new places is 2-4 months old. And this will be the perfect time to start introducing them to other dogs. Play dates or puppy classes are good opportunities for that. Take time and don’t worry if your dog doesn’t want to play with others right away. Sometimes puppies need time to adjust to surroundings. puppy grooming Calgary however