Dogs that don’t shed

5 breeds that don’t shed

Who wouldn’t think of how great it is to have a dog and have no dog hair covered furniture and rugs? There is quite a few dog breeds that almost don’t shed. Each of these breeds is absolutely unique and require different type of maintenance. Though you should remember that shedding barely any coat doesn’t make these dogs hypoallergenic. Sure thing some of these breeds won’t trigger your allergy, but not all of them. however

Schnauzer grooming Calgary

These dogs with short wiry and water resistant coat adapt easily to different environment. Schnauzers tend to be friendly and healthy dogs. They do not require much grooming. Just occasional brushing will do enough. Schnauzer grooming Calgary

Bichon Frise grooming Calgary

Bichon Frise grooming CalgaryTheir white soft curly coat makes these cute dogs favourites of many people. These are cheerful small breed that would fit pretty much any family. Even though someone is allergic, as this breed is hypoallergenic. Their coat will require a little more grooming to prevent mats, as the hair onstantly grows and doesn’t shed. Bichon Frise grooming Calgary

Poodle grooming Calgary

Poodles will be a perfect choice for a first time dog owner. They are easy going dogs with curly wire hair. It is known that people with allergies get little to no reaction with this breed. Though regular (once every 4-6 weeks) grooming is a must to keep the coat in good condition. Poodle grooming Calgary

Basenji grooming Calgary

poodle grooming Calgary

Because these dogs were bred as hunting dogs in Africa, they are very active and require a lot of exercise. But there is barely any grooming needed, just an occasional bath would do all the work. Basenji grooming Calgary

Maltese grooming Calgary

These small playful dogs showed their selves to be quite fearless. Because of their small size they can be a perfect pet for people who is allergic or live in condo. Though you should remember that their unique coat requires a lot of grooming. Thorough brushing everyday is a must in order to keep mats away. Maltese grooming Calgary