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Calgary Shih Tzu grooming

Easy Steps for Grooming Your Shih Tzu

Calgary Shih Tzu Grooming There are so many reasons why Shih Tzus make wonderful pets. They are friendly and affectionate even with kids. They require little room to roam and do not require as much exercise as other dog breeds. Shih Tzus were bred to be companion dogs, which means […]

Siberian Husky. To groom or not to groom.

If you own a Siberian Husky, you are very well aware of one of the things that husky owners complain about the most. The dog hair that they produce is almost unbelievable. This dog breed sheds year-round, no matter what climate they live in. Twice a year, they “blow” their […]

Calgary dog wash

Washing your dog. How frequent should it be?

Washing your dog. How frequent should it be? Dogs don’t mind being dirty and stinky and many aren’t afraid to put up a fight, especially if they think that it’ll help them get out of bath time. Regularly washing your dog can promote healthy skin and fur as well as […]

Staying warm during winter

Staying warm during winter While planning for winter, responsible pet owners should also start thinking about the comfort levels of their furry companions. If you are starting to feel cold and uncomfortable, then your pet is likely feeling the same way. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways you […]

First time grooming

Establish good habits early You know the saying: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Get your pup used to a regular puppy grooming routine early on so it becomes a fun part of its life. It’ll make your life easier, with well-trained pups giving less resistance at bath […]

Schnauzer Grooming Calgary

Dogs that don’t shed

5 breeds that don’t shed Who wouldn’t think of how great it is to have a dog and have no dog hair covered furniture and rugs? There is quite a few dog breeds that almost don’t shed. Each of these breeds is absolutely unique and require different type of maintenance. […]

small breed dog grooming

DIY small breed dog grooming

DIY Small Breed Dog Grooming. Many people consider grooming their small dogs their-selves for different reasons. But even if it seems super easy because of the size of a dog, different breeds require different care. small breed dog grooming It doesn’t always mean that a quick bath in a kitchen […]