Choosing the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

Getting a new dog is always an exciting event in everyone’s life. And it’s not just because there are good changes come. Getting a dog means getting a new friend. A loyal loving friend and companion for a big part your life. And this is why you should pay attention not only to how cute the puppy is. Getting a very active and energetic dog can be a big mistake, if you can’t provide enough attention to it.

Home and family

Consider the size of your house or apartment. Or do you live with a family or just single? Those will be the very first questions you should ask yourself. Though many agree that having a big dog in a small place is not a great idea. Some people still do this.

Do you have young kids? Then friendly and gentle dogs with predictable character and behavior is your choice.


If you have a very active lifestyle, consider getting a breed that will keep up with you. But if you work long hours and prefer a quiet mellow weekend, that won’t be the right choice. At this point you need a breed with calm and lazy temper.


Yes, this is the question you have to answer honestly. Why do you want to get a dog? Do you want to have it for cuddles on the couch? Or maybe the dog will be a companion in your active adventures! As you determine the reason, it will make your choice easier.

A puppy or an adult dog

Here, you need to decide for yourself. You will have to go through a lot of training with a little one. But adult dogs can come with certain “surprises” as well. And, sometimes, you are not able to change already formed personality.


Those are some of the main points. And do not forget that each dog has its own personality. And there are exclusions. Not each pure breed dog will be the same as in a textbook.