DIY small breed dog grooming

DIY Small Breed Dog Grooming.

Many people consider grooming their small dogs their-selves for different reasons. But even if it seems super easy because of the size of a dog, different breeds require different care. small breed dog grooming

It doesn’t always mean that a quick bath in a kitchen sink and clipping their nails would be enough. Some breeds need way more than that.

small breed dog groomingAt first, they al have different type of hair:

– short;

– long;

– wire;

– curly;

– corded. small breed dog grooming

Short haired dogs.

Short haired dogs are the easiest to take care of. They need occasional bath, brushing, nail clipping, tooth brushing, and ears check. Which shouldn’t take much of your time. 

But long, wiry, or curly coats require some more effort on your side. small breed dog grooming

Long haired dogs

Long hair means a lot of brushing despite all of the above. It could become quite a time consuming activity, but you don’t want your dog’s hair to be all tangled and hurt it. small breed dog grooming

Wire haired dogs small breed dog grooming

Wire-haired coats could differ as well – hard, coarse, and wiry. Many of the terrier breeds have this kind of coat, which is very weather resistant. Though these breeds will need same care as long haired ones, there is one more thing to do. These coats need to be plucked or stripped twice a year. Majority of people prefer to leave this task to professionals. small breed dog grooming

Curly coated dogs

Curly coats have to be tended regularly, otherwise they would get tangled and unruly. You should remember that these coats grow fast and need quite a bit of grooming.


Having proper tools will make grooming for you and your dog way easier. So there is a short list of things you would need:

– shampoo/conditioner

– blow-dryer with cool air setting

– dog brushes (add combs for long and curly coats)

– nail clippers (add scissors for long coats and stripping knives for wire-haired coats)

– toothbrush

– cotton balls. however

Experience comes with practice, and every time it will be easier for you to give your dog a sleek look. small breed dog grooming

 We are always here to help you with your dog grooming. Our experienced dog groomers use different techniques to make you and your dog happy! Hounds Like Fun – contact us today to book your appointment!