First time grooming

Establish good habits early

You know the saying: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Get your pup used to a regular puppy grooming routine early on so it becomes a fun part of its life. It’ll make your life easier, with well-trained pups giving less resistance at bath time or when it’s time for more awkward jobs, like brushing teeth.

The critical learning period for your pup is between 8 – 16 weeks of age where most of their experiences within that time frame become a learned habit. We provide puppy grooms for dogs after their 12 week vaccination.

Some dogs that have their very first grooming experience after 6 months of age can become very anxious and nervous during the grooming process and in some cases can be very hard to manage.

Exploring the world

During your pup’s critical learning period it is a great idea to expose them not only to the grooming process, but to as many different and positive situations as possible.  Once your puppy has learnt grooming is a part of their daily routine, it is important to continue with regular visits to us to groom them.

Booking an appointment every 4-8 weeks is ideal to ensure your dog’s coat remains clean, matt free and manageable for you to continue your in between brushing routine at home.

Stress free puppy grooming

Not all groomers have an understanding of dog behavior and training, in particular a puppy’s needs, nor are they up to date with modern positive techniques and tools. Some groomers simply don’t have the experience. By choosing Hounds Like Fun puppy grooming services you will have a groomer that can protect animals from undue stress or discomfort in clean and safe premises. puppy grooming

Some tips for your pup to have the best grooming experience

There are steps you can take to prepare your puppy for the grooming appointment.

Start by handling, brushing and combing your puppy at home yourself. Let your puppy get familiar with items being around them – this helps prepares them for scissors and clippers.

It is important to handle your puppy’s feet and nails in preparation for nail trimming. Touch and play with their paws so to prepares them for nail clipping and foot tidies.

Holding their ear flaps while you look inside helps for future ear cleaning. Touch and play with their ears.

Open their mouths, feel their muzzles and lift their lips to look at their teeth will prepare them for taking medicine in the future. however

puppy grooming