How to Make Your Home Dog Friendly?

How to Make Your Home Dog Friendly?

Calgary puppy daycareOf course, getting a dog is very exciting. But being properly prepared for it is very important as well. Sometimes, safety of the new member of your family needs some adjustments in your house. To make it easier for you, we made a list of things you should pay attention to.

Living room/entrance

– Make sure the door is closed properly every time someone enters or leaves;

– If your dog likes to play not only with toys, consider putting away candles, potpourri, and some other decor items;

– Lift up and bundle electrical cords, so puppy can’t chew on them. Calgary puppy daycare

Bedrooms Calgary puppy daycare

Some people prefer to keep the bedroom door closed. And this is the easiest way to deal with it;

– As we mentioned above, keep the cords away;

– It’s safer to keep closet doors closed all the time, so the dog can’t reach and ruin your clothes and shoes.

Kitchen Calgary puppy daycare

– In case you don’t know if your new dog is capable of opening the cabinets, don’t keep the cleaning products in lower cupboards. Just for the first time, until you learn what the dog can do;

– Consider buying a child-lock for the cabinet with trash can. And make sure it’s always closed properly;

– Remember that dogs can jump. That’s why it is not the best idea to keep food on accessible for them surfaces. Calgary puppy daycare


– Rule #1 is closed toilet. Dogs love drinking from it. As it is not only gross, but there also can be chemicals that can harm your pet;

– Keep cosmetics, toothpaste, medications in a higher cupboard. So your dog won’t be able to reach them;

– Consider not to store shampoo or body wash directly on the bathtub. Puppies like to discover new things and might play with them.


– Keep the entrance door closed;

– It is better to replace cardboard boxes for plastic ones. Who knows what your dog decides to bite on?

– Keep the chemicals away on upper shelves, where your dog can’t reach them. Calgary puppy daycare however