Adopting a puppy – are you ready for new baby at home?

new puppy at home

You need to spend quite a bit time with your puppy

A young puppy needs somebody at home.

Usually the puppies who quickly become an asset to their families are the puppies who have somebody home every day during the day to look after them. It is possible to leave a puppy at home in an exercise pen or other safe area for several hours in a day. However a puppy does not thrive when left for long hours alone on a regular basis. He is a social creature who learns and grows from interaction.

A puppy will need walks when he is fully immunized and can go out in the world. He will need to attend puppy classes and meet people and other dogs to become a well socialized individual. This all takes time out of a busy life.

Can you make plans for him when the day is going to be unusually long and busy? He won’t understand a busy day that is immediately followed by ballet class and a hockey game unless of course he can come.

Can you make provision for a puppy sitter if puppy is to be left alone for a long period of time? How many places will he be allowed to go with you?

Like older children the older puppy needs his family around him. Even though he is not that vulnerable little baby any more he still needs a buddy to be with for most of the day. He also needs exercise and continuing education.

Is there a place for your puppy to be?

When the puppy has to go to the bathroom he will need a safe area. No puppy should ever be loose and off leash where he can take a notion to run very fast and get into trouble. If you spend time with a very young puppy outside and call him regularly to come to you for a kibble he will learn to stay close by. Many puppies live in apartments or on land that is not fenced. These puppies need to be under close supervision or on a leash. If they run off at any age the will get in to trouble.

As puppy grows her world becomes a bigger place. Before you let her off leash at a park or in any unfenced area make absolutely sure she has one hundred percent recall.

Teach your puppy to sit and stay as soon as possible. If she does run from you across the road to the neighbors a good ‘sit stay’ could save her life until you come to get her home.

If you do have a fenced yard your puppy won’t care to be left in it while you leave the house No dog is happy left alone in the yard all day. Isolation quickly makes a dog a barker and an anxious individual most likely disliked by the neighbors.