Washing your dog. How frequent should it be?

Washing your dog. How frequent should it be?

Dogs don’t mind being dirty and stinky and many aren’t afraid to put up a fight, especially if they think that it’ll help them get out of bath time. Regularly washing your dog can promote healthy skin and fur as well as reduce that doggy smell – both on your dog and in your home. When it comes to the frequency you should wash your dog, there is a fine line. You obviously want your dog to smell nice, however, washing your dog too frequently can strip their coat of natural oils. And when your dog’s coat is lacking in natural oils, their skin and coat can dry out making them more prone to dandruff and matting. CALGARY DOG WASH

Dog skin allergies

If your dog suffers from skin allergies, make sure you speak to a knowledgeable vet on pet care come bath time. They may recommend a different washing schedule for your dog, or recommend a specific shampoo, one that may be a medicated dog shampoo or a soothing shampoo. If your dog has itchy skin, it’s important to consult with the vet because washing your dog with the wrong shampoo can cause more irritation to the skin. CALGARY DOG WASH


Dogs with oily coats can be washed each week. Dogs with water repellent coats such as golden retrievers require less frequent washing. The same goes for dogs with thick coats – like malamutes who benefit more from being regularly groomed. CALGARY DOG WASH

Inside dog vs outside dog

If your dog loves to splash in muddy puddles, run into the river and roll around in the dirt, then you will most likely need to wash it more often than an apartment-bound lap dog.

Bathing a puppy Calgary dog wash

As a guide, try not to bath puppies more than once a month, as bathing removes natural oils that are produced in their coats. Groom you puppy with a brush in between monthly sessions of coming to see us will help keep your puppy’s coat nice and clean. CALGARY DOG WASH

A few quick dog bathing tips:

Look at grooming products such as dog brushes and dog combs to help keep your dog clean and tidy in between visiting our grooming salon.

Use treat to reward them while you give them a bath so they love the experience.

If wrestling your large dog into a small tub requires too much effort, make sure you give us a call and we can take care of your dog bathing needs.

What’s involved when a groomer washes my dog?

Calgary dog washHighly trained and skilled in all aspects of pet pampering, Hounds Like Fun Groomers use positive reinforcement techniques so you can be confident your buddy will leave the salon fresh, calm, happy and oh-so good looking! however

When getting a wash in one of our salons, your dog can expect:

  • A good brushing to remove all dead hair and mats.
  • A thorough wet through with a spray hose. The groomer will take care not to spray directly in to your dog’s ears, eyes or nose.
  • A gentle shampoo massage, working from head to tail.
  • A thorough rinse off with a spray hose; again, carefully avoiding the ears, eyes and nose.
  • A dry off with a large towel and then a blow dry under carefully monitored heat.

Call us today if you are in need of the best dog washing service in Calgary. We are here to look after your beloved pet and all of it’s pampering needs.