Dog Daycare Calgary – where your fur kids come first

Hounds Like Fun is an inclusive dog daycare Calgary – where your fur kids come first. We provide a safe place for them to be dogs.

We understand the dog psyche and their need to exercise. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors like chewing, digging or barking. Play keeps dogs body and mind active. An active dog is a happy dog. Our goal is for your pet to be happy and have as much fun as possible.

This is why dog daycare Calgary at Hound Like Fun is a lot of fun. So, when your pooch returns home, they are so tuckered out, happy, and content, that they become even better dogs (if that’s even possible!). Our pups get to play with other pups all day. They get to sniff fresh air, dig until their little paws can’t dig anymore, and bark at butterflies (or leaves, or.. nothing… if they’re so inclined).

The interaction they enjoy with other canine’s is completely supervised throughout the day. They learn how to be social with each other. Or they’re allowed to be the kid in the corner who’s just digging. We promise that they will have a blast whilst they are at it. however

Dog Daycare Calgary that you can count on

Daycare at Hound Like Fun is a lot of fun, and we can guarantee you that your companion will have a great time with friends! We cater for dogs that like to let loose, those that like to dream the day away, young dogs, older dogs, dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Our packs are grouped based on personality and size to ensure your companion is surrounded by like-minded friends.

Trusted, established dog daycare Calgary for your best mates. Their place for fun and socializing.

dog daycare Calgary

Day Stay & Play

Leave your dog with us in a managed and caring environment. It is our love of dogs and their welfare that makes the team at Hounds Like Fun stand out. We truly enjoy what we do. Your dog doesn’t only get looked after, they receive oodles of love and attention from our skilled and experienced team.

Making every day a good dog day. Our team understands dogs and knows they need exercise. An active dog is a happy dog. Boredom can lead to destructive behavior.

Dog daycare Calgary; located at NW, we’re here to take daily care of dogs from all around Calgary.